May 25, 2017


Highly Fabulous Women is a vibrant, compassionate, supportive and powerful international network created and founded by Patricia Benjamin of London, UK.

It is a network that connects, supports, empowers and enables women who seek to embrace their purposes 100%, succeed in the workplace, become entrepreneurs, grow ministries, as well as enjoy their personal relationships, and pursue  their passions.   It resonates with women at various stages of their lives.

Highly Fabulous Women is for the woman who has decided finally to take control of her life, having realised that if she doesn’t, then somebody else will.  It is for the woman who wants to write her own life story instead of having someone else write it for her.

Patricia Benjamin saw the need for women to receive support both practically and spiritually as they strived for their goals.

She also saw women who had put their dreams on hold or who had even seen their dreams die.  She felt a deep need to let them know that their dreams could live again, and they also had the power inside themselves to dream a new dream, one that didn’t need to die.

Patricia strongly feels that mediocre living is an insult to the gifts and abilities within every woman and that all women should be encouraged to be highly fabulous.  She feels the most rewarded when women rise up and step into their callings and do not allow circumstances, people or situations to keep them back or keep them down.  She believes women often need an ally and she sees Highly Fabulous Women as that ally.  It connects women with other women, like themselves; women who want to create a lasting legacy in the world, whether in music, business, education, government, sports, the arts, or faith and ministry.

A main imperative is acknowledging that being highly fabulous is not about succeeding all by yourself, but about the power of collaboration, of connection and of agreement. The acceptance of the importance of giving support to other women encourages each woman to stand in her own truth and in her own purpose.

The Network celebrates the success of other women. Patricia believes it is important for us to learn from each other, to share our knowledge and to help another rise in her power too.

She has an overwhelming desire to not just tell women they can be highly fabulous but to show them how. Consequently a strong premium is placed on encouraging strategic support to others. “Stepping up and stepping out by yourself is challenging, and we don’t always realise this at the outset.  It’s important to recognise you are not the only one. When I started out 10 years ago with my own business, it was tough being solo, but it doesn’t have to be. The power of connecting with the right women coming from the same place of wanting to support others is key. There is no need for competition, there is room for everyone. It is a big world out there and there is room for all our visions and dreams.”

This London conference, held in the heart of theatre land, Covent Garden, at the beautiful Strand Palace Hotel will be on Sunday, 28 May. With A-List speakers from Atlanta, New York, Hollywood, Connecticut, Brighton, and London, it promises to be highly fabulous.

The event will be hosted by Patricia along with three other first class facilitators who will come together for the first time to deliver a truly unique experience.


DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good – Hollywood power couple who waited until marriage to have sex say this may be the key to a better life. They are the authors of the best selling book The Wait.  Come and hear their story and their take on godly relationships.

“The choices you make in love can alter the course of your entire life.”  DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good.

Tera Carissa-Hodges from Atlanta, Georgia – Minister and spiritual Life Coach, Tera is one of the most influential voices today among women and her ability to bring clarity is second to none. If you want powerful truth you can take to the bank, Tera is the one.

“If you are trying to live right, you will have an opponent, and any time you have an opponent, you must have a coach. Some things can’t be preached. They have to be taught. Jesus was a teacher, and as His disciple, it is my honor to teach women how to find the purpose in their pain, as He has shown me” Tera Carissa-Hodges

Felicia Phillips – The 6 Figure Business Woman from Atlanta, Georgia , Felicia has been successful in business for over 20 years and shows women not how to build a business but how to create an empire.

“Most entrepreneurs never see their dreams or their desires. The reason for this is because they do not truly believe in their own vision.  Success can only be achieved if you can see your vision with your eyes shut. Let your mind embrace your victory, then you win.” Felicia Phillips

Tola Onigbanjo –  The creator of the Woman 4 Africa brand, from London UK, now the largest gathering of African women in Europe, even catching the attention of Bloomberg. This powerful influencer will show women how to raise their head above the parapet and do what people say can’t be done.

“Now is the time that when we see others doing well or excelling, we take out time to acknowledge them and their successes. Congratulate them, call them up and be happy for them. We all have our time and when ours comes we want to be acknowledged and celebrated too.” Tola Onigbanjo

Diane Robertson Martin CBE, from Ireland,  this influencer survived prostitution in her late teens and has spent nearly 20 years supporting women to exit prostitution, working with others to develop and improve strategy, policy, service development, prevention and exiting options. Diane was awarded the CBE n 2013 by the Queen for her work with vulnerable women in prostitution.

“I look forward to encourage and inspire by what God has done in my life, not just in terms of my back story but in how God has taken me forward as a social entrepreneur in developing services and being an activist to speak truth to power.” Diane Robertson Martin CBE

Dorethelia Barnett from Connecticut USA, – An established business women and CEO/Editor in Chief of BIW Magazine. Dorothelia speaks on succeeding in business. She breaks down how the wrong relationship can have you running for your life.  Her story is powerful and heart rending as she talks about losing everything in order to survive and how she made her way back to success.

“Make sure you are very courageous. Be strong. Be extremely kind and most of all be humble.” Dorothelia Barnett

Susanne Kirlew – TV Chef and Pride Magazine Food columnist from London, Susanne takes us through her journey into media as a woman and a woman of colour. She says sometimes the support from those in her own circle was less than forthcoming. Susanne is proof you can make it in media despite the saboteurs.

Dr Ryeal Simms  – An expert neuropsychologist from Hollywood, California, Ryeal is a licensed and certified relationship-marriage counselor with the Prepare/Enrich Program and the Relationship Coaching Institute. He focuses on why we do what we do from an eco-bio-psycho-social-spiritual point of view and is skilled at counseling both singles and couples in preparing themselves for love and strengthening their relationships.

“Science allows you to see what God is doing. Nothing just happens. There is a reason why we do what we do and science helps us to understand how we function. I help people to prepare for love so they do not need to repair.” Dr Ryeal Simms

The facilitators of the day are Dr Pauline Long of BEFFTA, humanitarian, film studio owner and executive; Andrea Photiou, nationally recognised for enterprise, online editor of the Voice Newspaper and internet radio specialist; and Toni Kelly, radio presenter and producer and TV presenter

Host: Patricia Benjamin – Awarded media personality, Network Leader Christian Women in Media, Top 100 Most Influential Black People in Digital Media, Chief Operating Officer of American cancer charity Making it Matter, life coach, pastor, writer and public speaker – Patricia comes from a place of compassion, authority and strategy. Her mission is to help women globally live highly fabulous lives, no matter what they’ve been through, using all means necessary.

“My highly fabulous workshop will bring women into their fabulousness and give them permission to shine their brightest.  They will connect with themselves and with others as never before and leave empowered to be the women they were always meant to be” Patricia Benjamin

Make sure you join this year’s Highly Fabulous Women in London on 28 May.  Tickets are available right here.



Your day will include ‘highly fabulous style’ networking, workshops, inspirational presentations, music, humour, one to ones and more.


Women will have the opportunity to connect and engage with a peer group of highly influential women, as together they turn up the fabulousness in their world.


Refreshments available.



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